Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tonight I want to tell you about Leyda...

She was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (her left ventricle was too small to pump the blood to her body) and she's had three open heart surgeries and has had two strokes.  She's six years old and her heart is failing.

I just can't stop thinking about her and her Mom and Dad (Beverley and Jim).  My heart aches for them.  They are amazing parents who have done a wonderful job of making this little girl feel happy and loved. I can only imagine how painful this must be for them.

Ever since Harlie's birth, my eyes have been opened to a new world.  I've met so many wonderful people.  And too many of them have lost their children.  I feel that it's my duty to never take my children for granted.  I owe it to them.  And I think of them when I'm having a hard time with my own kids.  Or when I'm feeling particularly sad about Harlie and her struggles.  I remember them.  And I am grateful.

On Saturday I ran 12 miles and felt that old, horrible, familiar IT band pain in my right knee.  (Not sure how that's going to affect my marathon aspirations.)  When I got home, I was tired and sore.  I needed to eat, ice my knee and take a shower.  But, Harlie went into the playroom and got down the Chutes and Ladders game and brought it into the kitchen.  She's not been feeling well the last few days (another ear infection) so it was good to see her want to play.  But, I had things to do, and I didn't want to play.

Then I remembered Leyda.  And Beverley and Jim.  So, I sat down and played Chutes and Ladders with Harlie.

Things could have been different for Harlie.  Things could have been worse.  And things can always get worse.  I will always remember that.  And so I am grateful.  And being grateful is a good thing.

Please keep Leyda, Beverley and Jim in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you,


Grandma said...

Will do Christy...always. Prayer is always the answer and I so hope Leyda gets better. You always take time for your children...never doubt what a good mom you are!

Kristen said...

Awwww, that is an ADORABLE picture of Leyda. Where did you get it? She is on my mind too.

Susan said...

It really is all about perspective. A big pat on the back to you for slowing down and saying yes. Sometimes it's hard but has to be done.