Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Antibiotics... and then some.

I'm feeling overwhelmed tonight.  There are so many balls in the air concerning Harlie right now.  She has been a full-time job requiring over-time lately!  And I can totally see that other important things in life are suffering because of it.  I am really hoping I can get some things put to bed soon, so all can balance out again (as if!).

First of all, we can't seem to get her healthy and off antibiotics!

During the last two weeks of August, she started to have some issues.  I can't even remember now (it was so long ago, after all!) but her pediatrician put her on Amoxicillin for 10 days.   Just a few days later, all her symptoms reappeared.  So, back on it she went for 14 days.

Then a week or so after that course was done, she started to get sick again.  We were starting to wonder if she had a sinus infection.  But, she saw her local ENT that week and she said she appeared to be fine.  Although that was the day that she pulled that blood clot out of her ear canal.

A week later, she had an ear infection.  And then went on her third round of antibiotics.  But this time, he put her on Augmentin.

The day after her last dose of Augmentin, she saw the ENT in Norfolk, who said she had fluid in her ear and to watch it closely.

Two days later, she had a fever and was looking like crap.  Again.  So, back to the doc, and she had another ear infection - this time she had a blister in there.  Another round of antibiotics, this time Omnicef.

Two days after that, she started showing signs of a UTI (urinary tract infection).  Back to the doc.  The dip was clean (which was very surprising) but they sent it away for culture just to make sure.  And he put her on another antibiotic (Bactrim) for that since Omnicef doesn't cover UTIs.   And then I went to Whole Foods and got her a probiotic just in case all the antibiotics do damage in other areas.


The good news is that she had a fever (okay, several over a few days).  She hasn't had a fever in years (even when her jaw or spine was infected post op).  And that was making me quite nervous.  So, I'm relieved that things seem to be working the way they are supposed to in that department.

Hopefully, this is it for her and antibiotics.  And hopefully she can get back to school again.  She hasn't gone since last Thursday.

She had an appointment with her pulmonologist today.  We haven't seen him in over a year.  She seems to be breathing more rapidly and more shallow lately.  And I had some other things I wanted to discuss with them.  Nutritionally she's doing well.  He said that her weight for height number is great - it's actually higher than they would expect given her history (she's in the 25th percentile).  Her height is still low - she's in the 3rd percentile for stature.  Not surprising, really, considering she's two inches taller than Cooper.  It won't be long before he's bigger than she is.  Won't that be confusing!

One of my concerns was the sand table in Harlie's class.  The last time I was there I noticed that there is a huge fine sand dust that floats around the room when kids are playing in the sand.  It totally made me a nervous wreck.  She has no filter - thus, no protection from the sand getting into her lungs.  I asked him if I was crazy (hoping I was considering she LOVES the sand table) but he said no.  The sand dust has to go.  She simply cannot be around it.  It would be different if she was only around it once a month or something.  But, five days a week?  No way.

I just hope that the school switches the sand out for another alternative.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I know that dried beans are a substitute.  But, I'm not sure about bugs.  I need to go and look for a small smooth pebble-like gravel material to see if that might be an option.  If you know of any other options - please let me know!

I'm also working on getting a second opinion on her jaw.  But that is way too long of a story to tell you about now.

Oh, and our pharmacy is having trouble getting two of her monthly meds.  So, I guess I need to work on that, too.

Well, I'm falling asleep while writing this.  I don't even want to proof it.  So, forgive any errors please!


Rene said...

What about Moon sand?

OlsenUpdate said...

I'm a physical therapist, and I have used wheat (or rice) in a swimming pool before for sensory stimulation. The kids have a great time playing with it and it's pretty similar to sand without being quite as bulky as beans. Itworks great, is pretty cheap and can easily be replaced.

B-Mama said...

The fuzzy pom poms also work great and are so soft and fun for the kids to work with. I know M *loves* playing with them in a big bin... Prayers!

Sarah Gunn said...

what about those chunky plastic beads, they are about the size of beans? or legos - that would solve 2 problems for you ;-) Sorry you've had a rough couple weeks, hope she feels better!

The Barnes Family said...

My mom is going to give me a list tomorrow of sensory table ideas she got from a conference. (She's a preschool director) Maybe it will have some interesting ideas. I was going to say rice or beans.

Janis said...

We are pulling Austin out of school for a bout a month (at least). Is there any thought that being in school is contributing to her illnesses...or at least not helping?