Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Tom found the photos!!!  Whew!  He's the greatest!  So, all is well again!

So great, that at a recent party (more on that later) Murphy got face painted to look like Tom (it's football season, hence the beard).  Pssst.... it was Tom's idea and Tom bribed him.  

I feel so much better now!  Now I can go and continue working on Harlie's birthday poster.  And maybe a little video... we'll just have to see how time goes.



Kristen said...

Hahaha! That face painting is hilarious. I love the beard, but tell Tom that next time he could put an actual pair of sunglasses on Murphy and then he might look more like him! ;)

So glad you found the pictures!!!

Ann said...

So glad Tom found the pictures!

As for the purple shoes - when it comes to dressing up little girls it doesn't have to be practical .... go for cute and fun! I love the shoes.

I cannot believe that Harlie is going to be FIVE years old. Dang, have I "known" you that long?! :) Jack will be 13 in less than two months ... that is crazy! Can't wait to see Harlie's birthday video.


Susan said...

What a relief!!! I really need to burn my pics to CD's and get send them somewhere safe. I think if I lost my photos I might have a breakdown.

I LOVE that picture of Murphy and Tom. Whatever Tom bribed him with it was worth it.

I hope your ironing out your school routine.