Monday, September 19, 2011

Who's got purple shoes?

Got Harlie some awesome new shoes this weekend...

I know, completely impractical.  But, she can wear them with or without her braces.  And they are FUN!  Tom's mom and stepdad (Grandma and Pap Pap) came to visit this past weekend to celebrate Harlie and Cooper's birthdays since they can't come next weekend.  They love all their gifts!  Aunt Mimi got Harlie this awesome spinning disco ball.  She LOVES it!  

And Grandma gave her this Tangled card that plays music when you open it.  She LOVES it as you can tell...

Cooper got this nerf hammer and Harlie promptly took it away from him.

Cooper finally has his OWN legos!  He loves them!

Cooper also got the Lego movie, Clutch Powers, and he and Murphy watched it today.  I did not hear a peep from them the entire time.

They also scored big with some Mercer Mayer books and lots of Charlie Brown DVDs!  Harlie can actually verbalize "Charlie Brown."  Thanks so much Mimi and Grandma and Pap Pap!!!

So, I'm in another panic.  Remember when I told you that we lost our pictures and sent the hard drive away to be restored, and after forever they said they recovered everything?  Well, I have to make a birthday poster board for Harlie for school.  So, I went to find some old pictures and we are missing most of 2009, all of 2010 and the first half of 2011.  That sick feeling in my stomach is back.  Hopefully Tom can find them...

More later!  Thanks!


Beverley said...

love the shoes....what make are they? Where'd you get them? May need some for Leyda...especially now that she has 2 braces (that's assuming she gets over this cold)

Happy Birthday to Harlie and Cooper! said...

I hope Tomcam find your pics!! Happy birthday week to the kiddos!

Susan said...

Oh Gawd! Fingers crossed they are there.

LOVE those cute shoes!!!

Christy said...


I got them at a local store (Buttons and Bows) here in Richmond. Here's a link to them that I found:

I'm sorry Leyda has a cold. Hugs to you and Leyda!

Anonymous said...

Hey - would you mind emailing me with your honest opinion of the Children's hospital in DC and Dr. Jonas? Kristen is going to have to have more surgery and I don't want to go back to UVA.