Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hearing test soon, Cooper and more pictures

Today we did our own hearing test on Harlie. When I got to her preschool, she was outside playing and her back was towards me. I said hello to everyone, and Harlie didn't turn around. So, Brandy told me to talk louder to see if Harlie would hear me. I talked loudly and then called Harlie's name (she was only a few feet away from me). Nothing. It wasn't until she turned in her playing that she saw me and then came over to say hello.

She is getting a hearing test on Thursday afternoon. I'll know the results right then, which seriously, can not come fast enough. And then we go to DC on Friday for CT scans of her face and spine. Last week, after her terrible speech eval, I e-mailed her ENT in DC. I asked him if he could come and look in her ear while she's sedated. He is so awesome that he is going to come over and see her between his OR cases. I'm really hoping he can tell me something.

Cooper is feeling crappy. At 2:30am on Monday morning, he spiked a temp of 104.1. I took him back to the doctor on Monday morning. Over the weekend his finger was looking a little rough. He scraped it on the ground last week. Here's what it looked like today...

It actually looks much worse in person - the photos lose something when uploaded to Blogger. And yes, it is infected. And he's now on antibiotics. And they are already helping. He hasn't spiked a high temp since Monday morning. Yay!!

So, tonight my friend Heather dropped by with her kids to have dinner with us. While chatting with her, I wasn't watching what Harlie was doing. And so she got her own snack. And obviously poured it herself.

She also found Griffin's abandoned sippy cup and pretended to drink out of it.

The girl cracks me up.



Ann said...

That girl cracks me up too! I hope the hearing test gives you some answers from which you can plot your next course of action. You are always plotting one course or another with Harlie ... no rest for the weary, that's for sure. But, she's come so far and continues to amaze all of us!


Janis said...

But did she EAT any??? Those look cute, but Austin wouldn't touch 'em with a 10 foot pole!

I hope the hearing test goes well. As in off without a hitch...well, you know what I mean.

Grandma said...

We will all be praying for Harlie that all this testing goes well...better than well. It is so wonderful that her ENT will do this for you...I think Harlie has made such a great impression on all she meets that anyone who has met her wants to help her in any way they can..She is just the sweetest little girl. Good luck and prayers will be with you.

Susan said...

Pretended? That looks like real sucking to me. Milk and Nilla wafers? Yum!

I hope little Cooper's finger is better soon. If it's not one thing it's another.