Sunday, October 11, 2009

CT Scans

So, Friday was a long day. Just as I expected.

Plans were changed at the last minute, so we didn't have to leave until 7am (vs. 4am). At first I was glad. But, then I thought about it a little more, and realized I preferred the earlier time. The sooner we get there, the sooner we get to leave was my thinking. And we were in DC on a Friday. Not that any day is a good day to be in DC traffic, but Fridays seem particularly awful.

At first we went to CT Scan check-in, but were told we needed to go to Surgery (since she was getting general anesthesia). When we got to Surgery, they told us to go to CT Scan. Heh.

Then I told her about the anesthesia and she said she didn't have any paperwork on her so it would take a little while. Hmmmm. It took over an hour till we were finally called back to register! I will admit that I was a little mad. Okay, a lot mad. After as many conversations as I had with various nurses in the days prior to the big day, I didn't understand why the paperwork wasn't ready.

Until a nurse came in to do Harlie's history and physical.

She told me that earlier that morning she was going through her patient files and saw that Harlie was there for a CT scan (not realizing that she was going to get general anesthesia). She said that she thought that was a mistake since they don't do CT scans. She took a quick look at her file and said "thank goodness I don't have to do the paperwork on this one" and went on about her day. HAH! It was actually pretty funny. I can imagine that from a paperwork perspective, Harlie's a bit of a workload. Well, I don't really have to imagine. I have many 3-ring binders to prove it!

Anyway, here's Harlie and Brandy while we were just hanging out waiting.

Harlie was fine and playful until we got in the exam room and the nurse brought in the hospital gowns. Harlie took one look at the gown and started crying. But, it was a very brave cry. Just a tear or two with absolutely no sound. It broke my heart. For all she knows she's checking in for a week or two. She has no idea. What a way to live! But, as you can see, she seemed to get over it pretty quickly.

I love this one. She looks so curious about what the nurse was doing. I have a feeling she's going to be dangerous with all her knowledge when she gets older...

I'm hoping a few of these quick hospital visits and procedures will make her feel less scared when she sees her next gown. Which, with any luck, will be very soon (for a new ear tube).

Her ENT was able to look in her ear while she was out. He said that her tube has come out of her ear drum. So, another will need to be placed. He said that since this will be her third, he's going to put in a different kind of tube that's designed to stay in longer. He said there was no granuloma or blockage in her ear canal. Bummer. But he said that a lot of kids with craniofacial issues can't pop their ears. And since her tube has come out of her ear drum, maybe that could be contributing to her hearing problems.

The plan now is to schedule an OR time for an ear tube placement, and then immediately after, do an ABR test. At that point, we'll know exactly what we're dealing with as far as her hearing goes.

Oh, she had a lumbar puncture so they could inject dye for some contrast scans. Since she can't have an MRI, they did some other scans to hopefully give them as much information as possible. They told us to run and get lunch quick, because it would only take about 15 minutes till she would be done. So much work for 15 minutes of scans!!! Anyway, we hurried back and waited. And waited. Then the doc came out to tell me that it took longer than normal to get the dye in her spine "due to her anatomy." I'm sure.

Then at 4pm they let us take her home. Ahhh, 4pm traffic on Friday in DC. The best. We finally got home after 7:30pm. A long day. But now we can proceed with lots of things. And that's good.

She will see her plastic surgeon in Norfolk on Tuesday. She will see her orthopedic surgeon on November 3rd. And hopefully soon, she'll see her ENT for her new ear tube. And, with any luck, after each appointment I'll have an idea of when her surgeries will be. Which, I like, since not knowing kind of stinks.

More later!


Karin said...

Yes. Friday traffic up here is completely the worst. I've never figured out why.

Elaine said...

Harlie comes by that bravery honestly. You were three when Cabell was born and when my six weeks maternity leave was up I had to take you both to the babysitter.

The first day, you stood on the steps with the babysitter and watched me walk away, with silent tears running down your cheeks.

That picture is still so terribly vivid. I cried all day that day and if I work at it, I can cry to this day. (Matter of fact, I just did.) Such bravery!!! Breaks your heart!!!!