Monday, October 26, 2009

A girlfriend?!

So, I've been in a funk the past few days. You would think as much as I like to write, that I would write about how I feel when I'm down, too. But, I don't really like to do that. And who wants to read that crap anyway? So, on to better things...

Thursday was a big day around here.

Murphy got his first loose tooth. Can you believe that? He's just five! It just seems so early! I can't believe how quickly he's growing. He's pretty excited about the tooth fairy coming. Us, too. I wonder what she pays for a good baby tooth these days...

And on my way to pick him up from school I passed another mom and her little girl. They live on my street and her daughter is in Murphy's class. Well, the mom told me that Murphy asked her daughter to be his girlfriend. What? I didn't believe it. I've never heard him say the word "girlfriend" - ever.

So, on our walk home, this was our conversation:

Me: So, Murphy, do you like T?

M: Yes.

Me: Did you ask her to be your girlfriend?

M: Yes.

Me: Murphy, where'd you learn about girlfriends?

M: Mommy, boys need girlfriends.

Me: Okay, but where did you learn about them?

M: Well, when you met Daddy, you became his girlfriend and then you got married. And that's what I want.

Me: So, what did she say when you asked her?

M: She said no.

Seriously? Are we here already? Again, he's only FIVE!!!! He's only been alive for five little teeny tiny years!!! And we're having a conversation about girlfriends?!?!

Holy cow.

So, on Saturday we got together with some neighbors for a Halloween party for the kids. And me and two other moms whose daughters are both in Murphy's class (one is T's mom) were talking about the whole girlfriend thing. And the other mom said her daughter told her that Murphy and T are boyfriend/girlfriend. Oh wow. It's the talk of the neighborhood.

I guess we've entered a whole new world. Thanks elementary school!


Grandma said...

Grandma cannot handle her grandchildren growing up! I will say this...think about it...Murphy has a very positive outlook on relationships...He is happy that his mommy and daddy were boyfriend and girlfriend and he said "that is what I want" so take this whole story and realize that you and Tom are definately raising him right and know what good examples you are!

Donna said...

So if you're having a hard time, why isn't my phone ringing?!? We need to get that girls night on the calendar ASAP!!!

That is so funny about Murphy being the talk of the neighborhood...they start young these days!!! Although, it's very sweet he wants to be like you and Tom (well, hopefully more like you than Tom! LOL!)

Allie said...

1. Xanax
2. I will die when I have this conversation with Keegan.
3. I love Murphy.

Janis said...

My 6yo niece informed my sister recently that she had broken up with the neighbors kid. WTH? They grow up way to fast!!! But its okay because they agreed to end it amicably and be friends. LOL.

Susan said...

Sorry you've been in a funk. I'm not so sure no one wants to read that "crap". But I am enjoying hearing about Murphy's "girlfriend". Luckily we've escaped the boyfriend/girlfriend thing so far and my oldest is almost 9. I hope it doesn't happen for a lonnnng time. Hugs.