Wednesday, December 10, 2008


What a long day! And after a day like today there is nothing better than settling into this uncomfortable pull-out chair in a very cramped "room" separated by curtains, with our neighbor leaving all the bright lights on. Ahhh...

Yes, she was admitted today. Ugh. They ran more tests - urine, repeat blood work, x-rays and an echo (ultrasound of her heart). All came back okay. Her RSV test was negative. So, they don't know the source of the infection. At one point the doc told me she had pneumonia. But then just a few minutes later he came back to tell me the radiologist said it wasn't pneumonia. Her echo looked good, so we know her heart is good. Her white blood count has come down from 33 to 25, so it looks like the infection is responding to the antibiotics.

This hospital stay is a very different experience. The last few we've had have been for surgeries, so she's had sedation meds, etc. She is so much more aware now, and mobile. In the ER they have beds with side rails. So, I could not leave her side. She could easily stand up and fall over the rails. And she had a fit when I tried to leave anyway. She has really had a rough time lately with all the poking and prodding, so she was a handful to say the least. She's definitely a fighter, even when she feels bad. To get the IV in it took 3 people to hold her down. I absolutely hate being one of those people. It kills me to watch her go through that. And it takes forever. When they tried to get a urine sample, they had to try 3 times! It was agony! Finally she just peed in the bed so they scooped up their sample and Harlie finally got to rest a bit.

Of course in the ER there is no cell connection and no phone in the room. So, it was hours before I could call Tom to let him know what was going on. Not being able to leave her for just a second is very inconvenient. Forget about being able to eat or drink or go to the bathroom. But when you're busy torturing your kid, you kind of forget about those things.

And getting the boys set up with care is a whole new issue now. Before Murphy was in school, so all I really needed was someone to take him and pick him up. Now he has to be picked up by 12:30 and Cooper needs care all day. I am very thankful my mom is retired and very willing to help out. So, she came over this morning so I could bring Harlie down here. Now I won't be home until tomorrow (hopefully) and I miss him! This is the longest I've been away from him and I don't think I was ready!

Tomorrow is going to be a challenge. I am supposed to be in family court as a character witness for my night nurse. She is trying to get custody of her granddaughter and with her taking care of my special needs child, they said that I should be very good for their case. I really hope she gets her, so my mom is going to come here to the hospital to relieve me so I can go home, shower, find something "nice" to wear and go to court. I have no idea how long it will take. The lawyer said that I might sit there for hours because she has no idea when I'll be called in. My friend Jennifer is going to come and pick up Cooper in the morning and keep him for us. So, thank you Jennifer! Then I will come back to the hospital and if things go our way, she'll be feeling much better and she'll be ready to go home.

Although, I think if you asked her, she'd let you know that she's ready to go home now. Earlier she took off her pulse ox probe, tried to put on her shirt and pointed to the stroller. For a girl who can't talk she sure can say a lot!

Well, it's 10pm and Harlie finally just fell asleep. I am dreaming of my comfy bed and pjs at home. I hope they will discharge her tomorrow and that she will improve from here on out.

Take care,


Gramdma said...

Christy, you are such a strong woman...the boys will be ok, prayers are being said for Harlie's speedy recovery and thank you Elaine for being there...Please tell Dawn that Cal and I are also praying that the court system will award her custody of her granddaughter...she so deserves that right. Hope you got some sure have had a stressful day. Get some breakfast when you get home...remember you need all your strength too!!!

Susan said...

Oh Christy I'm so sorry to hear Harlie is in the hospital and you are juggling all the logistics of that. How nice you are to testify for your nurse with all you have going on. I hope that goes smoothly and you and Harlie are back home soon.