Friday, July 5, 2013

Post-Op Day 2

She's been sleeping a lot.  Both today and yesterday.  She's also holding a lot of fluid.  She's almost two liters positive - and still not peeing.  So, they gave her a dose of Lasix (a diuretic) through her g-tube.  That didn't work.  So they had to start a new IV to be able to get her an IV dose of Lasix.  They did that a while ago, and she still hasn't peed.

They've tried weaning her off the oxygen - several times.  But, that has not been successful so far.  Hopefully if she can get rid of some of the fluid she's holding on to, her sats will come up a bit.  But, just in case, a portable, airplane approved, oxygen concentrator is being delivered tonight.  We're going to take it home with us, regardless of what her sats do here.  I have a portable pulse ox and can check her sats on the way home and use it as needed.

The plan this morning was to leave her on the plastic's service (meaning that her plastic surgeon has to write all orders and make all final calls) and switch her to cardiology's service tomorrow if it looks like she needs to stay a bit longer.  But they switched her today.  I think all the orders for the Lasix, labs, the oxygen to take home, etc., just got a little much for plastics.  At this point, she really should be on cardiology's service, since what's keeping her here isn't plastics, but her heart and lungs.  That's another reason why she should go to the cardiology floor post-op from all surgeries.  Must remember that!  I think I want to believe that she's FINE and we can focus on what brought us into the hospital.  But, that's just not the case.  Her body takes a beating when she undergoes surgery and that's just the way it is.  Poor girl.  Some things just don't seem right, you know?

We were hoping that we could go home tomorrow (Saturday).  There is a late afternoon flight, which would give us enough time to check out of the hotel and get discharged (never know how long that's going to take) and get to the airport.

But, honestly, it's hard to imagine taking her home - with the travel involved - with how things are right now.  She really does seem miserable.  And very, very sleepy!   Although she woke up when she heard me taking her picture.

Day 2 Post-Op

Day 2 Post-Op
The bruising has gotten worse.  Especially on the left side.  And she's scratched her face all up from all the fighting she's doing.  She's beginning to fancy the karate chop and pinching my arm - especially when turning the screws.  I can't say I blame her.  This is really awful for all of us.  I wish I could just scoop her up and be only a source of comfort for her.  But, that shipped sailed a long time ago.  Sigh.

Yesterday Tom and I were coming up the elevator with a man pushing a woman in a wheelchair.  We got off on the same floor and they went into the NICU and we went into the ICU.  Clearly, she just had her baby and was being wheeled over from the hospital next door.  Tom said, "Don't you want to say something to her?"  I said, "Like what?" And he said, "You know, that it will get better."  And I said, "But we are STILL here!  Six and a half years later.  I don't think that would be very comforting to a new mom."  He said, "Well, you wouldn't have to tell her that part."

So sweet of him to see a new mom and remember what it was like for us all those years ago and want to offer some comfort and hope to someone else.  Been there.  Done that.  Still doing it, actually.  On our way back from lunch a helicopter landed on top of the children's hospital.  Both Maggie and I looked up at it.  Then I said, "Been there.  Done that."  We both laughed - Maggie was thinking the same thing.  Oh, the memories!

This afternoon we actually got Harlie up and out of bed and took her for a little walk around the unit.  She did really well all things considered.  She definitely complained and held her hands up for me to pick her up several times.  But, I was strong and let her take a break and made her continue walking.  Walking will really help recovery.

Tom left this afternoon and flew to DC.  Tomorrow is his 200 mile bike ride! If you could send him some good wishes, that would be great.  I think he is nervous.  But he has been very dedicated to his training for six months.  I really think he will do great.  I just want him to stay safe.  

Okay, it is late so I'm going to wrap this up.  Harlie is all cleaned up for the night and sleeping soundly.  Hopefully she will turn the corner tonight, get rid of a lot of that fluid and feel better tomorrow.  I'll let you know!

Thank you!!!
~Christy xo

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Susan said...

Hi Christy. It sounds like things are going pretty well, over all. Things usually are the worst at day 3 post surgery and then start getting better quickly, so I'm hoping that will be true even in Harlie's case this time. Even though it's hard, turning the screws, it's for a really good reason that will help her so hopefully Harlie understands that when you've explained it to her, even if she still takes it out on you sometimes.

Good luck on your ride Tom. Stay safe!

Enjoy reuniting with the boys and Rooney. Have a safe flight.