Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ever changing schedules...

So, after much consideration, we've decided that a trip to Chuck E. Cheeses is out of the question.  Sometimes I just want to be normal.  I wish I didn't have to consider such great consequences to typical activities.  It sucks.  But going to a place where many kids frequent is just too risky.

Today's fun activity?  Didn't happen.  It ended up being a rather crazy day.  I took Murphy to swim practice and while he was swimming I went for a walk/run.  It was great.  It was hard, and that part wasn't fun.  But, it was great to be able to walk/run and not have back pain.  It was super hot and my legs felt like lead.  But I did it.  

My contact in Boston called today.  She's been so helpful.  The first time we spoke she told me that all the pre-authorizations have been taken care of.  Awesome.  And she mentioned something about medical reports from the last visits to Harlie's cardiologist and pulmonologist.  Well, she last saw her cardiologist last June, which was before her last jaw surgery, so they already have those reports.  But, she called later in the day to tell me that they want her to see her cardiologist again, before she has surgery.  We leave on Sunday. Today is Wednesday.  That gives us two days.  Hmmm.  It'll take a miracle.

So, I call her cardiologist's office and can you believe that she now has an appointment for tomorrow afternoon?  Wow.

So tomorrow Harlie has a dentist appointment in the morning and a cardiology appointment in the afternoon. There's your fun, kids!

Right now, I have too serious of thoughts on my mind to be a fun mom.  It's hard to let all the responsibilities go to let loose.  Especially when you have to worry about germs and her getting sick right before the big day.  I wish I had thought of this sooner.  But the perfect thing for her would be one of those inflatable water slides.  We could put it in our driveway and the kids could have fun without germ worries.  And she could play for five minutes or two hours - whatever she was up to.  Darn it.

Okay, that's it for tonight.
Christy xo

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Susan said...

You know you're right Christy it's not worth the germ risk. Even though it's summer we've been sick. Harlie doesn't need that right before surgery. Maybe just spend some extra time with her tomorrow instead, no planning required. It's so great you got a miracle. Can you imagine if couldn't get in. Uhhh they could have given you a little more notice.