Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Big Development!

On Friday night we had our Daisy Troop meeting.  I am happy to report that we have a Leader!  And I am VERY happy to report that it isn't ME!  Thank you very much Lynda R. for stepping up to the plate and leading this troop for us!  I am, however, her assistant.  Which will be fine.  I am actually looking forward to it!  We will meet twice a month beginning in January.  I really hope that Harlie likes it.  And I am still Cookie Mom.  Which, I hope will work out without too much stress.  So, mental note - if you want any Girl Scout cookies, you know who to call!  
On Monday, Murphy came home from school feeling crummy and complaining of a sore throat.  His voice was awful!  Well, to be totally honest, he sort of was like that Monday morning.  But we made him go to school anyway because he didn't have a fever.  We told him to try not to talk.  But, Monday afternoon he wanted to sleep and was clearly not feeling well.  He didn't even want to go to Cub Scouts - so that told me he really didn't feel good.  

Late Monday night I heard from our nurse, Terri, that she couldn't work on Tuesday because she was having car issues and needed to take care of that.  Total bummer.  Because that meant I would have two sick boys at home, which meant there was no way I could take Harlie to school.  So my only "healthy" child would have to stay home, too.  It really kills me when she misses school because of nursing.  

But there's no way around it.  It's not like I can call the agency at 8am and ask for a nurse for the day.  Even IF there was one available, I couldn't leave Harlie in his/her care with no training.  And let's face it - people have to miss work from time to time.  Even nurses.  It just sucks that it means that Harlie has to miss school - especially when she needs every second of education she can get.  

A friend of mine said "it sucks being a prisoner to nursing."  And that is so true.  The fact is that we simply could not live without it.  While it is "nice" to know that Harlie has an adult looking out for her all day since she's basically non-verbal - it would be much better for her to be a typical little girl who could go to school, ask the teacher for help when needed, and then come home and tell me about her day.  

Anyway, Terri worked really hard to rearrange some things so she could go to school with Harlie today.  And I was so appreciative!  At least our nurses know that even though we wish we didn't need them, we appreciate all their hard work and dedication to our family.  

And - both boys went back to school today, too!  Woohoo!  It was a fabulous moment when all my kids were somewhere else where they were supposed to be - at school!  Even though Murphy is still sporting a raspy voice, he was happy to go.  

So, the main reason why I wanted to blog tonight....  I think we have officially turned a HUGE corner in the Holton Household.  Drum roll please....

Harlie told me that she was HUNGRY today!!!  And then she sat and ate her entire meal (pureed Ham and Cheese sandwich, pears and cherries mixed with a little vanilla yogurt and 5 ounces of Pediasure) without even ONE refusal.  And she even self-fed some bites of the fruit!  

I just couldn't believe it.  She pointed to her belly and so I said, "Are you hungry?"  And she said (verbally) "yeah." (She can't say S's). So I signed "hungry" and then she signed it.  Then I got her Talker (which, by the way, she also asked for today when she got home from school - another big deal) and she used it to say "I feel hungry."  


For real.  

I felt that this was happening recently (her being hungry) but it has never been so clear as it was today.  When it happened last week, I doubted my understanding of her - or I doubted what she was trying to communicate to me.  But, there was no doubting today.  Nope.  She was HUNGRY!!!  And then she ATE!!!!  With NO fighting!!!  

I don't particularly enjoy feeding my 5-year old like a baby on soft foods only, but when she refuses and it's a battle - I HATE it.  So if she would just willingly eat her meals on a fairly regular basis, it would make a big difference in MY quality of life!  And, honestly, feeding has been going really well these last few weeks.  She still refuses some, of course, but for the most part, it's been going well.  So, I can't help but wonder how long she's been feeling hungry.  

Another bonus to her being hungry, is that maybe she'll tell us when we forget to feed her.  And I know that makes me/us sound horrible.  But, yes.  It's happened once or twice.  But, let's face it - life is busy and typical kids DON'T let you forget to feed them!  

So, hopefully this is a developmental milestone that is here to stay!  I wonder if it has anything to do with being in kindergarten?  

Honestly, I can't believe the progress she's making.  Some days are hard.  Like when I hear other moms talk about their 5-year old and the conversations they have and the things they tell them about their day at school.  But then, there are days like today, when I am SO grateful for something that most take for granted.  And I can see the progress - clear as day.  I have to try to not compare her to her peers.  But that's difficult to do when this world is so competitive.  

But, here's what I've seen progress since September:

She's more affectionate.
She's way more verbal.
She told me she's hungry.
She can write all her letters and numbers (but some of them might look funny).
She willingly (and happily) does her homework (writing assignments).
She draws pictures (rainbows especially).
She tries to walk up/down stairs using alternating steps on a regular basis.
She can blow a horn/whistle.

I think that's a lot of progress in just three months!!!  I am so proud of her!

And since I haven't posted pics in a while, here are a few random ones...

Harlie being silly a few weeks ago.

Cooper, just because.

Me and Harlie at the park weeks ago.
Harlie and I at the pumpkin patch (obviously) in October (obviously).
Okay, that's it for my rambling for tonight.  But don't worry - there will be more soon enough!

Thanks for reading!


Ann said...

Wow, Christy. That is huge! From what I've "seen" of Harlie, there's no question she is going to accomplish much -- just on her own time and at her own pace. It's difficult to wait and let things happen on "Harlie time", but I think the eating -- and all the progress Harlie has made over the last few years -- is proof that she will get there!

and I LOVE the first picture of Harlie. So beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting pictures!! Miss you and those kids!!! So happy to read about Harlie's progress, she's such an AWESOME little girl :)


B-Mama said...

Great update and I also love that first pic of her. You totally captured her beauty. Just gorgeous!!

Susan said...

Christy that's really fabulous! I'd love to know how you puree a ham and cheese sandwich because that actually sounds kind of good. I agree with everything Ann said.

Love the silly photo. She's such a cutie!

Just Diane said...

Oh my goodness. This is the first time I have been able to read your blog post in WEEKS. I don't know what is going on. Your page just comes up with no blog post most of the time (even though I know you have posted a new one). BOO.
Anyhow, I am so happy to here your princess is making so much progress. She is growing so much and she is just adorable. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year.