Monday, December 5, 2011

My Surprise Birthday Party

Back on Saturday, October 22nd, Tom threw a surprise birthday party for my 40th birthday (which is in December).  I can't believe I am leaving my 30's.  I still feel so young!  It's so confusing!

He had been planning it for months - and I never had a clue.  I think it's pretty much out now that I'm pretty gullible and somewhat unobservant.  But I think it's more that I don't really think about stuff that doesn't directly affect me.  I kinda live life wearing blinders.

He told me months prior that there was a work function at his job - Classic Kitchens of Virginia.  Some wine thing.  I know he told me more - but once I heard "wine" and "we have to go", I stopped listening.  I mean, who needs to know more than that?  So, we secured nursing and I put it on my calendar and went on with life.

I was supposed to run 20 miles that particular day.  But, due to another IT band issue (same as last year in training for the marathon) I elected to skip the 20 (and run 12 instead) in order to preserve myself for the marathon.  Tom was uber happy about this because he said that I would be too tired to have fun after running 20 miles.  Which was probably true.  So, I ran 12 and at mile 11 my IT band struck and I walked the rest of the way home.  Total bummer.  But, I was glad that I didn't try to run the 20.  It was at this point that I started to accept that I probably wouldn't be able to run the marathon.

Grandma and Pap Pap visited that weekend.  They were on their way to the beach to meet some friends. So, they stopped on their way down to give the kids some Halloween baskets and stayed Friday night.  They left on Saturday.

We had a Groupon for The Phoenician - a Lebannese restaurant that we had not yet tried.  It was due to expire that day, so we went before the "work function" since he said they were not serving food there.  Let me just say that if you live in Richmond - and you like mediterranean food - you MUST go.  It was FANTASTIC!  We had baby eggplants, which were stuffed with something (I can't remember exactly) full of flavor and total goodness.  And we also had one of the specials - artichoke salad.  Unbelievably good!!!  Everything tasted so fresh.  It really was a fabulous dinner.

So, we left there and went to his work.  He said the party was at 7pm.  When we pulled in, the parking lot was full.  I didn't pay any attention to the cars.  Because, as I said earlier, I was not directly affected by those cars.  I will say that I did think to myself, "Boy, people sure are prompt.  I mean, who is already parked and inside before 7pm for a 7pm party?"  Not me, I can assure you of that.  If it weren't for Tom driving, I would have certainly arrived closer to 8pm.  And in fact, I even tried to make us late.  On the way there we were going to pass a friend of mine's house (Niki) and I asked Tom to drive by to see if she was home.  I knew her boyfriend was in town and I hadn't met him yet.  So, I thought if they didn't have plans we could have a quick drink.  I sent her a text and we drove by, but they weren't there.  Oh well.  So much for my being late.  And I was on a roll, too!

Anyway, so we walked in the entryway and Tom opened the door for me and I walked in and SURPRISE!!!! I was SHOCKED!   I couldn't believe it!  So many of my favorite people were there!

And Maryann and Cal - didn't go to the beach after all.  Nope, they were at the party.  The beach story?  A lie.  So many lies... And SO much fun!  Luckily, I just happened to have my camera on me.  And I didn't get near enough pictures!  There were so many people that I never got pictures of.  Darn it!  And I admit that it's ridiculous that I'm in every picture.  That was not how I wanted it.  In hindsight I should have asked someone to pass the camera around.  But, I wasn't thinking.  All I was doing was talking!!!  There were so many people to talk to!  There were just under 70 people there!  It was crazy!

Me and Donna

Heather and me

Shelby, me and Michelle

Me and Dad

My Family
My Mom, me, Sandy, Rick, Nancy, Bruce and Cabell

Me and Maggie (my niece)

Brandy and me

Me and Sarah

Maryann and me

The candy table

Melissa, me, Heather and Marcy

My Running Buddies
Me, Kat, Mary Curtis, Heather, Niki, Anna and Allison
(Niki wasn't at her house because she was at the party!)
Bill, me and Becky

Geoff, me and Bethany
Me and Cabell (my "little" bro)

Jackie, me and John
 And the best part...

Opening my gift from Tom...

A Pug book?
So odd considering he's anti-Pug puppy.

"Open it" Tom said.

Lots of excitement...
It's a certificate to get our very own Pug puppy!
I love all the fine print. Click photo for a closer look.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And then the Pug Cake Balls.

Aren't they adorable?
And yummy to boot!
The credit for the Pug Cake Balls goes to Adrianna.  Tom met her through cycling.  She used heart candy for the tongues.  And somehow she cut brown M&Ms in half for the ears.

It was a fabulous night!  And now to find our Pug puppy...

At the time, we didn't have a nurse to fill in for Brandy.  But, now we do!  So... we'll see how the search goes...

Thank you to all our friends and family who came to the party.  And thank you to those who worked to help Tom get it all together and ready.  And thank you to the Gunn's (Tom's employers) who let him have it at their showroom.  It was the perfect place for a party.  It is beautiful and comfortable and everyone loved it!  And, of course, thank you to Tom.  He is a wonderful husband.  And I will never be able to re-pay him with a 40th birthday party like this!  I went on ahead and told him that immediately after I realized all he had done for my party.  It really was a wonderful night!  I felt so incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.  And I felt so very loved.

Thank you!
~Christy xo


B-Mama said...

Love this recap--what a fun night and with a great ending! The pug balls were adorable... and I can't wait to see the real pug on the other end!! You were so fun to celebrate xox.

Sue Mitchell said...

ok, I love that you had a candy table and I especially loved the pug cake balls! How cool! I can't wait until you redeem the certificate (loved the fine print, Tom is just too much!) so we can see pictures of the new addition.

Ann said...

Yay, you are getting your dog! Thank you Tom. :)

Susan said...

I was confused about the time line there. October? 40?! OMG Christy, this explains lots! Welcome to your 40's. It's really not so bad. And how could it be looking the way you do? And you obviously have so many people who love you. I'm glad you had a great party. You SO deserve it! And you're getting your pug. I think you're a little crazy on that one, but if you want one that badly, I think it's GREAT! Much Love, Susan.