Thursday, July 28, 2011

CT Scan and a Video

Today's CT scan went beautifully!  And for the first time, she was able to do it with NO anesthesia!!!  How exciting!

When I took the exit off the interstate and she saw the parking deck to the right, she started to cry/whimper.  I told her that it wouldn't hurt if she could stay still.  That's all we said to her, over and over again.  It's hard to tell if she understands something like that.

The anesthesia folks came to talk to me when we got there and I told them I wanted to try it without anesthesia first.  So, a nurse came to get us and told us that they were going to take us to the fastest machine they have.  She only had to stay still for about 15 seconds, I'm thinking.  And she seems to understand that for x-rays, so I thought maybe she could do it.

Before I put her on the table I kneeled down and told her that if she could stay still when I told her to, that it wouldn't hurt.  She didn't cry at all.  In fact, she didn't even seem scared!  That amazes me.  After all she's been through!!!  If anyone has the right to be freakishly scared at a hospital - it's her.  She's so darn brave it kills me!

So, we put her on the table and the nurse wrapped her like a burrito - and Harlie didn't protest one little bit!!!  Look at my big brave girl...

They put a lead apron on me and I stood right next to her.  When the nurse told me they were about to start imaging, I signed (I had to take Harlie's hearing aid out for the scan) for her to hold still and not to move.  And Voila!  She did it on the first try!!!  She had to lay there for a few minutes more to make sure that the images were good and that there was no motion in them.  I will go back in a few days to pick up the discs with the images and radiologist's report.  Then, we'll start to work on getting some surgical opinions.

Our appointment was scheduled for 12:30pm and we got there at 12:00pm.  It took a while to take us, but I'm thinking it was close to 12:30.  I was back in my car and exiting the parking at 12:47pm!!!!

What a great experience!  And every time we have a great medical/hospital experience, we are making big strides in Harlie's fear, comfort and trust.   I am hoping that she will start to trust me that when I say it won't hurt - that it won't hurt.  And when the time comes, and I have to tell her that it will hurt, but it will be quick if she cooperates, maybe, just maybe she will understand.

I can already tell a big difference in just a few months (before spinal fusion).  She used to refuse to let the admitting person put a hospital bracelet on her.  I would have to hold her down so they could get it on.  To her, that meant that she was staying and she wanted nothing to do with that.  Well, today, I asked her to stand up and let her put the bracelet on.  And she stood right up and held out her arm - no problemo!  Oh, it really is the little things in life!!!

Later on in the evening, Cooper got a bloody nose (accidental friend's head to Cooper's face).  He also must have gotten something in his eye while playing outside, because his right eye was starting to swell before the incident.  And that head butt didn't help matters.  So, we'll see what he looks like in the morning.

Then, after that, Harlie was watching one of her current favorite you tube videos.  Seriously - kids and electronics are totally out of control.  I don't know how she found this guy, but she did.

And this was her tonight...


I totally love it.  More than words can say.



Anna said...

Love it!! Totally adorable:)

Christy said...

oh my goodness!! I love the video...she is precious!! was so glad to read about how good the hospital visit was today... I remember the first time Chloe was able to lay still for a scan like proud and so relieved!!

Donna said...

That video is just too stinking cute!!! Other than Cooper's little incident it sounds like it was an awesome day!!

Ann said...

Love the video!! I'd say those hearing aids are working pretty darn good based on the way she kept up the beat with the video. So adorable! It's good to hear that Harlie is having some "positive" experiences at the hospital. She deserves it and so do you.

Grandma said...

I am so proud of her...such a brave little girl during her CT. As for the video....I can't even put into words the smile that it put on my face..I laughed, smiled and the cried because I was so happy. God Bless that darling little girl.

Lindsay said...

Holy adorable. I played this at work during a meeting (Shhh) and totally cracked up. Sounds like a great day for you all (sans head butt...)

B-Mama said...

Just adorable!! Wonderful news about the CT scan!! My fave part was when she patted her butt like the guy. lol. :)

Susan said...

It's really great she was able to cooperate so well for the test. She really is a brave one!

She is so cute dancing to the video! Love the booty smack, too funny!!!

Sue Mitchell said...

Ditto - my favorite part is the butt smack also - just too darn cute! So glad to hear the hospital visit was a good one and a positive one for all involved.

Kristen said...

Likewise to the butt smack. And I also agree her hearing aids must be working well! I love that little girl! She is amazing in so many ways!