Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Strep Rash

Yes.  I am slacking in my blogging.  I let Harlie's birthday go by without anything profound to say.  No videos (which I really wanted to do), either.  And now, several days later... NO PICTURES!!!

Well, it's all going to be late.  I hope.  But, I'm making no promises.  If it gets too late, it might not come at all.  I'm really having to let some things go in my life.  Simplify, if you will.

And I only have a few short minutes for this entry.  I am about to go meet some friends to run 8 miles.  Here's what I have to blog about (when I get some time):

Cooper's 2-year old well check up
Cooper started preschool on Tuesday!!!
Murphy and school issues (updates)
Harlie's feeding therapy and new developments

And, real quick - yesterday Harlie woke up sick.  I kinda felt like it had been coming on for a few days.  For the last week, she's been having some tough nights - needing LOTS of suctioning.  This has made for some tough nights for Tom and I.  Her days were fine though, so I wasn't really worried.

But, I took Cooper to his well check on Monday and he got the flu/HINI mist.  Monday night was Harlie's worst night yet!  I know we had to get up to suction her at least 10-15 times.  So, when Harlie woke up on Tuesday looking like she felt like crap (and indicated the same in her movements, or lack thereof) I was afraid that the mist had given her the flu (some things I'm not very educated in yet).  So, I took Cooper to his first day of preschool (more about that later) and then Brandy and I took Harlie to the doctor.

When we got there and her doc started to examine her, I noticed her skin was really rashy looking.  And her diaper area and top of her legs was RED - like really, really bad sunburn red (not like a diaper rash).  He took one look at her rash (now all over her torso even though it wasn't there when she got up 2 hours before) and said "Strep Rash."

He said after a day of antibiotics, she should be fine.  But she was miserable all day yesterday.  I called our night nurse and asked her if she wanted to work for us last night and luckily, she did.  So she came in and we got to sleep, which was GREAT!

Hopefully she will be feeling better today.  And hopefully no one else will catch it.

Okay, gotta run.  Literally.

More later!


Just Diane said...

Poor sweet girl. I didn't know what the strep rash was until my son had it! Beware... it can last a while. It lasted for what seemed like an eternity here.

Christy said...

Hope lil Miss Harlie is feeling better. Sounds like life continues to keep you all quite busy. I hope this coming weekend brings good health and lots of rest for all of you.
love, Christy