Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So, yesterday Harlie's upper lip was SO swollen. She looked horrible. And just a couple of days ago, her left eye was swollen shut! No exaggerating. Those darn hives!

So, I just couldn't take it anymore and took her to the pediatrician. Not only am I beginning to lose my patience - but I wanted to double check that her swollen lip was caused by hives. I couldn't see any hives, but maybe they were in her mouth??? More stuff I don't really want to learn!

So, he said, yes. It's hives. His son had chronic hives - so he's got a lot of personal experience. Bad for him and his son, great for me and Harlie! So, he took her off Prevacid and put her on a combo of Zantac (which is an antihistamine) and Zyrtec. So, we'll see what happens. Hopefully, they will go away for good and then we can slowly take her off these meds. If after a couple of weeks on these meds, they don't go away, we'll have to do some more looking.

Well, just a quick one for now.



Kim said...

I hope it works! Poor baby (both of you!) This past month has just sucked!

Susan said...

Poor sweetie! I just don't understand where these are coming from all of a sudden. It's weird to have a severe problem out of the blue. At least I don't ever remember you mentioning hives in the past. I hope the change in meds makes a difference. It can't be any fun for either of you on top of everything else.

Anonymous said...

Could Harlie's hives possibly be caused by stress? Considering the surgery and her mouth being wired shut. Maybe with her being much more aware at the age of 3 her body is acting out. Just something to think about if you can't find any other trigger them .....hopefully she feels better soon :)

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