Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day 3

She looks really good today. Her skin color is great and her eyes are not as swollen. Tom and I are getting used to seeing her like this. We are going to take some pictures tomorrow and post them. I hope that you are prepared.

We met with the heart surgeon today, Dr. Jonas. He explained what he will be doing, which I'll summarize for you later. After tomorrow's surgery, her next one will probably be in 6 months.

Spoke to Dr. Guzzetta yesterday. We finally got some good news! Her chest mass is significantly smaller than it was prenatally. And there appears to be working lung tissue in her right lung. Not only that, but back at 24 weeks, the chest mass was squishing her other organs (mainly her heart), and now everything seems to be almost exactly where it should be! They were shocked - don't know what happened, but we're thrilled. But, back at 24 weeks, they thought the mass was a CCAM III - now they aren't really sure what it is. So, they are going to do some more tests to figure out what to do. Most likely, that surgery will be postponed. The only thing that they will probably have to take care of in the near future is the blood vessel going from the heart straight to the mass. We'll know more about that later.

Now for some more bad news... they found something wrong with her spine in her lower back. Three vertebrae are out of line. So, they are running some tests to see if her spinal cord is okay. She moves her legs and feet, so I don't think it's that serious. They said - and imagine this - it's nothing that another surgery couldn't fix. She might have to wear a temporary brace in the future, but it is way too early to know for sure.

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