Thursday, January 22, 2015

Disney World. Day 1.

Day 1 - Saturday, December 6th

Our flight left at 8am from Richmond to Orlando, direct.  Our friend Chris was nice enough to get up super early in the morning and drive us to the airport so we wouldn't have to pay for parking.  So nice!  Thanks Chris!

We flew Southwest and it was, by far, the absolute best flight EVER.  First of all, we were beginning our Disney vacation.  So, it was probably going to be the best anyway.  But, Southwest took it up a bunch of notches by entertaining us the whole way down.

Here are some examples:

1.  During the safety briefing, when they discuss the life vest, the guy said, "and in the event of a water landing... gooooood luck."  Followed by, "Swim to the nearest land and we'll be right behind you with the beer and liquor."

2.  At one point he was talking about traveling with kids, and he said something like, "If you're traveling with one child"...something or other (I don't remember) and he went on to say, "If you're traveling with more than two children... what were you thinking?"

3.  Out of the blue (after there had been some minutes of silence) he announces, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I just saved 15% by switching to Geico."

4. "We will be turning the lights down so hopefully you will rest and not bother us."

5.  During takeoff, he broke out into song, singing, "Rolling...  Rolling down the runway."  Everyone started clapping and singing "rolling" when it was our turn.  It was hysterical.

6.  When we landed, they said, "Whoa, Nellie!" and played a sound effect of a horse clopping.  It was really funny.

The entire flight was entertaining from start to finish and these are just a few I can remember right now.

We traveled there with our friends Mike and Marcy and their son Kaden.  Maggie (my niece) was supposed to go with us, but her grandmother passed away a few days prior, so she couldn't leave then.  It felt so weird to be so excited about this trip when Maggie and her mom's family were feeling something entirely different.  Maggie's grandmother was a wonderful, kind and fun loving woman.  She will be very missed.

Once we landed in Orlando, I took Harlie to the bathroom.  When we were leaving the bathroom, a girl was coming in and looked at Harlie and said, "Oh hi Harlie!"  I was so surprised!  I didn't know her, so it was crazy that she knew who Harlie was.  Can you imagine?  She went on to introduce herself to me and she said that she went to high school with Tom.  Small world!

Then, we called our friends Mike and Laura (and their girls Vivian and Chelsea).  They flew down from Pittsburgh the night before and were there waiting for us.  So, we all met up, went and picked up our two rental vans and headed to lunch.

We went to lunch at a restaurant called Columbia.  It was really good.  They made a pitcher of sangria at the table and it was delicious and the perfect way to start a vacation.

Then we walked down the street and found a fountain.  The kids were not dressed appropriately to play in a water fountain.  But, that did not stop them.  My boys were in jeans and tennis shoes and they got soaking wet.  We let it go because, well, we were on vacation.  As my friend Jenny said about her recent Disney vacation, "It was a week of yes's."  And we started then.  They had a blast, and we had fun just watching.

Then we headed to check in at the house.  And oh, what a house!  This place was amazing!

Renting this house was awesome.  It insured that no matter where we were (at a Disney park - or at "home") we were guaranteed to have fun.  Best. Vacation. Ever.

I set up an oxygen tank delivery with an Orlando medical equipment company.  It was a little confusing because I gave the rental company the wrong address.  After a stressful conversation with the delivery driver (not his fault since I had no idea where he was or it's relation to the house we rented) we got it straight and all was well.  I did panic there for a second since it was Friday and delivery had to happen that day.  It all got worked out though.  Whew!

So, when we arrived at the house, the oxygen and other equipment I rented was already there and ready to go.  So nice!

The rest of Saturday, we hung out in the house and let the kids explore and play and swim, of course.

Harlie was ecstatic about the movie room.  Seriously, she loves her movies.  And the guys went shopping to stock up for the week.  It actually makes me sad to think about it.  I so wish I could be back there during that time.  You know, when the rest of the week is ahead of you.  Best. Vacation. Ever.

Day 2, coming soon!

Much love,
Christy xo

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Susan said...

That looks awesome! Steve and I are hoping to do DisneyWorld this year. I'm going to e-mail you for the contact info for that house. So glad you had a good time and I'm excited to see the pictures.