Sunday, March 30, 2014

CT Scan Results

I can't believe I didn't know that her doctor called me on Friday and left a message!  I just listened to it and he said that they reviewed her CT scan, and it did NOT show any arteriovenous malformations.  So, no collaterals.  Which means her lung is just not working sufficiently anymore.  Crap.

He said he would call me again on Monday to discuss it.  So, I'll know more tomorrow.  

Crap.  Crap.  Crap.

I'm going to go cry now.  Thank you for all your thoughts and comments regarding my last post.  You are the best.

Much love,
Christy xo


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Anonymous said...

Got caught up on things.....thinking of you all like always. Marcy

bobbi said...

Thinking of you all...

Betsy said...

You guys are in my prayers!