Sunday, August 25, 2013

Update with Photos

Hi!  I have my computer now, so here are some pics from the last few days...


The abscess.

Terri on the front lines - Harlie getting an IV.

CT scan.  Her third this summer.
Her fourth is scheduled for Friday (for her spine).

Daddy made it in time to see her before they took her into the OR.
I found that pug in the gift shop.  She had to have it.
Or maybe I did.  ;-)
Lynda came to hang out.

Smiling on the outside.  A whole bunch of other yucky stuff
being felt on the inside.  

Lynda brought Samantha and Jessica to visit.

They brought gifts, smiles and laughs.
We really enjoyed their visit.

Harlie inisted on keeping Jessica's toy tiara.  

Her IV pole looked too serious. 

Less than 24 hours later, her dressing was saturated.
But she was smiling!
More visitors!  Sophie and Rick Tangard.
Tom arrived with the boys around dinner time.  Then we got more visitors!  Rick and Sophie!  And they brought Harlie a beautiful silver bracelet with a heart charm.  It is so pretty!  Thank you so much!

Then I took the boys home and left Tom to spend the night at the hospital with Harlie.  Some of our friends were having a party that night and we were so looking forward to going.  I was thinking of taking the boys, but when I got into the car and started to drive home, it hit me how tired I was.  I really felt fine while in the hospital, despite getting very little sleep Friday night.  But, by the time we got home, and fed and walked the dog, I was DONE.  Too pooped to party.  :-(


She was scheduled to go back to the OR this morning at 9am.  My mom came over to watch the boys so I could leave to go back to the hospital.  They were running late (and so was I) and ended up not taking her until after 10:30am.

The surgeon said that it was clean when they looked in there, but that the area of redness was the same as Friday night (and not smaller, which is what we want).  So, that might show that it's a stubborn infection.  She left the drain in and she wants to clean it again on Tuesday.  She would rather leave the wound open, but since it's in such an unfortunate place (between the drooling and trach secrections) she really doesn't have that option.  So, she wants to get it to a place where she can close it (with stitches).  They also changed her trach and put another IV in her foot, just in case the one that is in her arm stops working.

The plan right now is to hang out on Monday and do nothing.  Then on Tuesday she will go into Interventional Radiology (IR) and get the PICC line and the surgeon will do the cleaning and dressing change at the same time.  Then maybe she can go home later that day or Wednesday.  Then we will have to come back for another cleaning at the end of the week.  Oh boy.

Hopefully we can get everything straight and settled in time for her to be able to start school next Tuesday.  And the sooner we get her home the better.  This is NOT how I wanted the last week of their summer to go!

Since my mom had the boys in the morning and then they went to a neighbor's house, Tom got to hang out for most of the day.  It was really nice.  We went out to lunch.  And then when we got back we took Harlie outside in the rooftop garden.  It was such a beautiful day.  Of course, because of the IV in her foot, she did not want to walk.

By 8pm, the IV in her foot wasn't working.  So much for that.

Well, it's late and I'm tired.  So, I'm signing off.  Thank you for all your continued prayers and support!

Much love,


B-Mama said...

Hugs and love. I am in awe of your smiles in these pics because I know you're fighting right along with her. Press on, my friend. xox

Betsy said...

Hugs and prayers from here too. She is such an amazing little girl, still smiling through all she is going through. We could all stand to learn a lesson from her. =)

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all. Sorry we have been mia... we just got back in town. Mike and Marcy

Anonymous said...

Keeping y'all in my prayers.
Stay strong!