Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

If you were worried about me after my last post - don't be.  I'm fine.  Actually, I'm much better.  Things are still crazy around here with the kids home from school.  They are off all this week and will go back on Monday.  While I don't consider myself a structured kind of person, I do like a little routine.  So, I am looking forward to getting back into the groove next week.

We are still having some problems with my laptop.  So, my photos are all over the place.  I'm using my old laptop now and have finally uploaded some pics.  Here they are (totally random):

The night we decorated the Christmas tree.

I don't know what happened to this photo,
but I thought it turned out kinda neat.

I tried to take a decent picture of the three kids together.
I have yet to achieve that goal.

My friend Bethany at a neighbor's party before Christmas.
Bill and Veronica really know how to party.

We karaoked into the wee hours of the morning.
This is proof that Veronica was in on it.

Tom and I.
We did not mean to match.

We had the Daisy Troop Christmas party at my house.
It was crazy, but it was fun.

Our little Daisies.

Christmas morning, before going downstairs.

Murphy loved his bike.  And his bike lock.
When he opened the lock, he said, "In your face!
Take THAT criminals!!"

Cooper got soccer shoes...

and a soccer ball from his cousins.  My sister is also
registering him for soccer this spring.  He is going to love it.

Cousins.  From left to right:  Kelly, Tanner, Murphy,
Charlie, Cooper, Harlie, Maggie, Cutter and Jordan

Maggie and Harlie.

Me and Harlie.  Probably one of the best photos
of the two of us together.  

Cooper couldn't wait to get outside to try out his new
shoes and soccer ball.  He loved it!
On Friday night our neighbors had a wine tasting party.  John and Jackie really know how to spoil their guests.  We went through 15 bottles of wine!!!  Aren't they so wonderfully generous?! It was a fun, fun night.  And I have found all the fun nights filled with laughter to be very healing for my soul.  However, trust me when I say I felt like crap the next morning.  But it was worth it.  I almost said, I will never drink again. But then realized that just isn't realistic.  Luckily, Tom was fine (and oh so thoughtful) and let me stay in bed till NOON!!  After a jug or two of Gatorade, and some extra hours of sleep, I was feeling like myself again.  I even took all the Christmas ornaments off the tree.  So I was productive.  Not too shabby.

On Sunday, I ran 10 miles with some friends (The Mimosa 10-Miler).  It was so WINDY!  But, it was still fun.  Afterwards, we hung out with good company and good food.  It was a great way to start the day.

For New Year's Eve, we had our friends Mike and Marcy over for dinner.  Tom and Mike are both foodies and love to cook.

Mike and Tom busy at work.

For the girls:  Mashed cauliflower (it was SO good) topped
with Sea Bass and shrimp with a yummy sauce.

Butternut squash and brussels sprouts salad.

For the guys: Hanger steak (I think?) with chimichurri
sauce and baked spinach with swiss cheese.

For dessert, awesome pound cake that Marcy
made me for my birthday (which is on Christmas).

Topped with a home made whipped cream and fruit.
After that meal, we were done.  There was no way we were staying up to see in the New Year.  Which was fine by all of us.

This morning, I got up and ran four miles.  Then we went to Mike and Marcy's for brunch.  That was yummy, too.

I only have one New Year's resolution, and it is the same as it was last year... be better about responding and handling my e-mails.  I am terrible at handling my e-mails.  If you've ever e-mailed me, then you know this to be true.  So, I'm going to try it again because it is something that I really want to improve.

Oh, wait.. I have one more resolution... and it is to make time to blog more regularly.  I will be healthier because of it.  I don't know about you readers of it, though.  ;-)

Unfortunately, that is all I have time for tonight.  I will have more for you soon, though!

Happy New Year, my friends!
~Christy xo


Susan said...

I missed your birthday, darn it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTY!!!

I can see why you don't cook much. Why would you when the guys cook like that?! I want to come to your house for dinner. You guys always have so much fun, it seems!

I love seeing pics of the kids over the holidays. It was fun to see the placement of Have Hope/Be Strong canvas among all your photos. Love the pic of you and Harlie. All in all it looks like you had a nice Christmas break. I'm amazed at how much running you do.

I'm hoping 2013 is a great year for you and your family. And I hope it's the year we get to meet up in real life. XOXO.

Grandma said...

Thank you swo much for posting the pictures....I have been waiting to see the kids at christmas. And I would not cook either...that foor looked delicious! My wish for your family in 2013 is great health, some wealth and more family time...love to all!