Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another day gone crazy.

Oh, another day gone crazy.

Terri had a family issue today that she had to take care of, so she can’t work today.  Which means I had to take Harlie to school.  Of course, my day was packed already.  So whatever I had planned, can’t happen. 

Anyway, details on Rooney…

So, yesterday at 3:00, I noticed that Rooney had something in his mouth.  Upon closer inspection, I realized it was the cardboard from a package of Harlie’s hearing aid batteries.  I looked around and found the rest of the mangled packaging with one battery still attached.   There are six in a package.  I knew it was an unopened package when he got to it.  I looked around for more batteries and only found one.  So, that means that he swallowed four. 

I called the vet.  They told me to give him some hydrogen peroxide until he threw up.  So, I did.  And he threw up.  A lot.  I got the pleasure of going through it (while wearing gloves, of course) and found a few legos, the foil wrapper from a piece of candy, cardboard pieces and three already blackened batteries.  One was still missing.  I called the vet again.  They said to bring him in right then. 

I loaded the kids and the dog in the car and headed over.  When I was looking for a vet I called around to check pricing.  This vet was right in the middle – not the cheapest, but not the most expensive, either.  But, it’s biggest selling feature – it’s right across the street.  Can’t beat that!  And one of the docs owns five pugs himself.  No brainer. 

Anyway, I drop him off and go back home.  About an hour went by and they called me to ask for more information on the batteries.  What kind, does it have lithium, is there an emergency number, etc.  They said they’d be in touch.  They didn’t tell me about the x-rays.  I was afraid that he had only actually swallowed three and that meant that one was still lying around somewhere in my living room.  They are so tiny!  What if he found it later and ate it and I didn’t even know?!!?!  I searched the room over, but didn’t see it. 

Finally by 6:15 I had not heard from them.  Well, they close at 6:30!  What was going on?!  I have to say that I was really not that worried until then.  What if something bad happened?  So, I called and they said I could come get him and they would talk to me when I got there.  Whew!

When I got there the doc showed me his x-rays.  When he first got there, one was still in his stomach.  They gave him more stuff to make him throw up (and some special food).  He loved it.  And then promptly threw up another several times.  Oh, that poor pup!  But, it still did not come out!

So, they x-rayed him again, and it had traveled into his intestines.  Awesome.

Luckily, the batteries are not made with lithium.  She said if they were, they would have had to open him up right then to get it out.  Whew!  Can you imagine how much that would have cost?  Merry Christmas!  When they brought him to me, he sat down and looked up at me and the doc like, “What? What’s wrong?” Oh, too bad he’s not going to learn from this experience…

The doc said that they want to protect his esophagus, stomach and intestines from burning, so he’s on a special high-fiber food, and two different medications.  I knew it was bad when I saw that they had a little bag for me.  It’s never good to leave a vet with a bag of stuff.  

And $267 dollars later, I got to take him home.  He was on morphine (crazy!) so he was a little drugged.  We gave him a big pill that night (which he ate without problem, since he is not picky).  And he slept soundly all night. 


So, now I’m at school with Harlie.  She’s only going to get to stay for two hours, because I have an appointment I can’t miss.  Brandy is going to help me out for a few hours today.  Of course, I don’t have that shift change approved by the nursing agency yet.  I tried to call, but I had to leave a message and I haven’t heard back.  Which means I am going to have to call AGAIN when I leave here.  Yeah, it’s great to have another thing I have to worry about.  Thanks a lot nursing agency. 
All in all yesterday, not only did I spend a lot of time on the phone with different people trying to get this resolved, I also spent a good portion of the day thinking about it.  So, between the nursing crap, and the dog, how in the hell am I supposed to think about dinner? 

I really wish cooking and preparing for meals came easier to me.  But everything else in my life seems to trump that.  And I tell myself that’s okay.  But, then when Tom comes home and the house is crazy and he’s had a tiring day and he has to make dinner, I feel really bad.  And inadequate as a stay at home mom.   

Okay, must check on Harlie girl.  I will try really, really hard to have another update for you tomorrow.  I have a lot to share!


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