Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last day of Summer Camp

Friday was Harlie's last day of summer camp.  They invited family in at 11am for ice cream.  I found E's mom (the kid that told Harlie he loved her the other day) and told her that I heard her son was really good with my daughter.

She proceeded to tell me that E has challenges of his own and that he has Asperger's.  She then said that he is fascinated with all things science and he doesn't mean any malice.  Hmmm... I was just complimenting her son's behavior toward my daughter - the world malice never came to mind.

Then she continued with saying that ever since he got tubes in his ears that he thinks he's a Cyborg and since Harlie has a hearing aid, he thinks she is one, as well.  So, that's why he thinks they are best friends.

Cyborg.  Interesting.  But, frankly, I didn't care why he was nice to her - I was just glad he was.

Needless to say it was a strange conversation.  After she said "that's why he thinks they are best friends" I was speechless.  I wasn't sure if I was offended or not.  I can tell you that I kind of expected a simple "well, I'm glad they made friends" or something.  Heck, I was trying to give her and her son a compliment, and instead I think she just insulted my daughter!

So, let me get this straight - your son doesn't like my daughter because they're normal kids who just like each other - it's just because she is a science exhibit and a cyborg to him.  Thanks.  She really could have left well enough alone and let me think she was well liked and accepted by another.  But what good would that have served?  Seriously lady - learn how to accept a compliment and be nice to someone else yourself.  Really, it was almost as if she was saying, "look, don't get your hopes up - he only likes her because he's got some defects of his own." Even her body language was negative in nature.  Ugh.

So much for the positiveness from Thursday.  Oh boy.  Words don't describe how glad I am that Harlie doesn't know any of this!!!  And again, I find myself on that stupid roller coaster of emotions.

Later that afternoon, I took Murphy to Michael's to get some glue that was on Cooper's school supply list.  I said, "Murphy!  Come on, we're going to Michael's."  And he yelled down, "Who's Michael?"  haha

He didn't want to go, but I made him.  And when we got there, he was all wide-eyed and excited.  And a few minutes later he said, "This is the best store, EVER!"  Ahhh, so much to look at.  And have I really NEVER taken him there before?  I'm sure I must have.  At some point.  Certainly.  I'm sure of it.  Must have been years ago.  Oh well.

So, we're standing in line with people in front and behind us when we had this conversation:

Murphy:  Mommy, I don't think I want to be Snake Eyes for Halloween.  
Me:  Oh yea?  What do you want to be?
Murphy:  The Headless Horseman.
Me:  Okay.
Murphy (talking loudly and dramatically now):  But Daddy said in order for me to be the Headless Horseman, he'd have to chop off my head (with hand gestures, too).

Murphy, say it a little louder, I don't think child protective services heard you.

A few hours later, he informed me that he wants to be Dracula for Halloween.  And that we have to go back to the Halloween store to get him some new teeth (he was Dracula a few years ago) and he wants to get some rats this time.  Or maybe some rat eyeballs, so he can play tricks on people.

Then he said, "I feel like a dead zombie."


It's still August and he's already becoming Halloween obsessed.  Fabulous.

I tried to find my post from long ago about Murphy's fascination with all things Halloween.  Every week when his class went to the library he would come home with Halloween themed books.  All year long!  Even through the Christmas season!  I finally had to ask the school librarian to limit his Halloween books to one per week (instead of two) and to persuade him to select something else.

Well, with school starting in just a couple of weeks, I guess I should come up with a few ways to use Halloween as a motivator to get him to do what we want him to do.  I've already warned him that the mornings are going to be pre-tty crazy around here for a while.  We really need him to be responsible and do what he knows needs to be done without us having to ask him repeatedly.  So, I took a wipe board and wrote a list of things he needs to do when he wakes up (brush your teeth, go potty, get dressed, go downstairs, eat breakfast, put on shoes, get lunchbox, etc.) and can you believe that worked like a charm the very next day!

He's now earning (and occasionally losing) marbles in a small jar until it fills up.  When filled he can go pick out some Halloween stuff.

Maybe doing that stuff now will help us with school transitions.  Which, speaking of, I have some venting to do....  that post will be soon.

Also - since I was in a crummy mood about that other mom - those flowers were even more appreciated that day!  Talk about good timing!  Thank you again, whoever you are!



Ann said...

Christy - I'm sorry that woman was so blunt and insensitive. She should know better, really. Clearly, she has her own issues she needs to deal with. There is a reason you got that happy face flower arrangement. You have the rare ability to keep your sense of humor and positive attitude despite the unfairness of life. The woman should spend some time around you - she could learn a lot. Harlie is a very engaging and likeable kid (I can "see" that and I've never even met her.) While I'm sure there will be times when kids (and their parents) will be insensitive to Harlie, my guess is that there will be more times that kids and their parents fall head over heals in love with Harlie!

Love ya,

Susan said...

GOOD GRIEF! Sometimes people can be so STUPID! She probably didn't think before she spoke. Perhaps that's her interpretation of why he loves Harlie. Boys love to use their imagination, but that doesn't change the fact that he loves her. She is a special girl and I know she will be loved by many.

Love your marble idea. My kids too started talking Halloween costumes this week. It's just around the corner really. Especially once school starts the weeks will fly by. I'm trying to savor the last days of summer, but honestly I'm looking forward to getting back in the groove.